African Union – Peace & Security Architecture 2010

AU Peace & Security_081103As part of the efforts of the African Union (AU) to promote peace and security in Africa, the decision has been taken to design and implement an African Peace and Security Architecture, consisting of several important elements for conflict prevention, management and post-conflict reconstruction support. This illustration (2008 edition), published by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) in an effort to promote knowledge about the AU, aims at presenting an overview of relevant facts and figures concerning AU peace and security efforts, and an outline of the current vision of the main building blocks in the African Peace and Security Architecture. The architecture, scheduled to be operational in 2010, is a continuously evolving project for peace and security, supported by a range of national and international partners. Hence, this illustration is based on available information in 2008, but is intended to be frequently updated, in tune with revisions and progress made during the course of the build-up.


Illustration: Martin Ek

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